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Higher Education's Higher Calling - Change or Else.

George Lorenzo nails it! if you needed more examples of the accelerated rate of change in both for profit and non-profit learning-Dig into this article. Other milestones like the demise of my former employer Apollo Education (losing 90% of its market cat before going private) stand in testament to the complete overhaul that is overtaking […]

REIT's and Developers Hot for Digital

Few industry sectors have been more adverse to the onslaught of technology than commercial & residential real estate. Even REITs are going through an accelerated digital transformation to ensure that they’re engaging with customers on modern platforms, maximizing efficiencies when it comes to the prospecting of new tenants and have the most robust tools available for analytics and […]

Mobile Security Risk - A good read for Financial Marketers

  The advent of additional mobile banking app/features is fueling much of the transformation of consumer banking as we have it. Those same advances are creating a preponderance of new security concerns. Good read..

Long overdue! Mobile Advertising Accountability

Despite the ruffled feathers – genuine accountability/ROI is not only a necessary component for the market to mature but will actually act as a catalyst for growth. #markbunting #mobile advertising